Einstein Bariatrics

More than before & after photos

How do you breakthrough in the ultra-competitive weight loss category? How do you do it in one of the nation’s most saturated regions for healthcare? You serve up empathy and compassion in a way that separates you from industry clichés.

Documenting the journey

To ensure our advertising would be originating from a place of truth, it was important for us to talk to patients and the team at Einstein. Not surprisingly, choosing to have weight loss surgery can be a long process for some candidates, fraught with fear and doubts about the procedure and life after. We mapped out that journey to uncover where our message would be most compelling.

Projecting empathy & experience

Conceptually we rallied around the idea of starting a conversation with the Einstein team through a simple phrase, “Let’s talk.” We wanted the tone of the writing to instill confidence and comfort. So we broached common concerns that patients have as a way to preempt fear and reinforce Einstein’s expertise in the field.

Less is more

When it came to designing the campaign we opted for simplicity. In a category that typically relied on photography, we chose an all graphic approach. Relying on the bold Einstein brand palette and clean typography, our campaign stood out in print, out-of-home and online.

A place to call home

We conceptualized, designed and built the Bariatrics website to mirror the journey we had documented during our Discovery phase. This gave our navigation and content a natural flow that followed the decision making process experienced by patients. Combining that with a modern, responsive layout gave the Bariatrics program an easy-to-use and comprehensive online home.