Human Ventures

Better together

If there was a file on our computers titled “Designers We Should Collaborate,” fellow Philadelphian Mike Smith would probably be near the top of the list. Fortunately for us, we recently got the chance to partner with him on a website redesign for Human Ventures, a NYC-based startup studio.

Keep on sketching

To get our heads aligned on how to best humanize Human Ventures (pun very much intended), we spent time with Mike sketching various storytelling treatments and possible homepage executions.

No angels here

The goal was to design a creative treatment that underscored the connectedness of HV’s specialized approach to startups. Unlike a traditional VC that typically only invests in fully-baked businesses, HV plays a more unique role. They’re knee-deep in the weeds, helping incubate, nurture, and accelerate new companies.

Small screen shine

Given the dominant role that mobile plays in HV’s portfolio, an engaging small screen experience for the website was essential. Working closely with Mike, we produced a refined layout that still faithfully reproduces the desktop story-telling experience.