Viaduct Rail Park

Philadelphia's most anticipated urban development project

The Viaduct Rail Park has been a dream of many Philadelphians over the past decade. And while it's often felt like a distant fantasy that would never materialize, thanks to the hard work of many groups and individuals, Phase I will debut in early 2018.

(Photo credit Kyle Huff)

Presenting the big picture

One of those groups integral to the effort was the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Armor worked closely with PHS to create, a unique destination designed to educate and activate. Here we told the Viaduct story in a way that appealed to a variety of audiences.

For donors, we showcased the eventual, longer-term vision. For more immediate consumer awareness, we promoted one of PHS’s awesome pop-up gardens. And for plant nerds, we provided a horticultural lesson.

Education through illustration

Compelling story telling can be a little tricky when assets are scarce. In this case, we did some digging and remedied that through some old fashioned text books.